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   Baoyue Zhang、Anqi Hu、Guanghui Ren、Kai Xu、Naresh Pillai、Ali Zavabeti、Yichen Wang



Our early gastric cancer detection pills products use micro-nano processing technology combined with new nano-functional materials and artificial intelligence technology to achieve early, in situ detection of gastric cancer. This detection pill includes an ultrasensitive gastric cancer biomarker detector, a microelectronic circuit board, a miniature harmless battery, and a wireless signal transmission system. The size of the entire early gastric cancer detection pill is smaller than that of ordinary vitamin capsules. The probe can be swallowed into the body's stomach system for real-time, in situ detection of biomarkers for gastric cancer. The real-time detection signal will be sent to the receiving terminal through its integrated wireless transmission system. The receiving terminal is able to intelligently compare the received signal with the cloud database. Once the cancer biomarker signal is found, the system will issue an alert. The doctor can make a detailed testing and treatment plan for the next step based on the test results.


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